Lancaster Soap Company
Distinctive soaps for every body, every day.
Handcrafted in Northern Minnesota near the shores of Lake Superior.

About the Company

Lancaster Soap Company began in 1995 as a home-based family business.  Nearly 25 years and literally tons of soap later, we are still thrilled to be making fabulous soap.  All soaps are hand crafted near the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior. We are committed to providing high quality natural soaps. A great deal of care goes into every step of creating each item. Thank you for choosing Lancaster Soap Company. We do appreciate your business. Enjoy!


            Katie Lancaster

                                                                           Jamie, Kelli, Josh - Master Soap Gurus 


About Our Soaps

All Lancaster Soap Company soaps are completely handcrafted using high quality vegetable oils. Our unique formula of skin pampering oils was developed after years of research. Each ingredient is added only after consideration of the value it lends to the final product.

All soaps begin with our special blend vegetable oils including olive oil, coconut oil, palm and soybean oils. Our soaps are colored using only cosmetic grade colorants or organic botanicals and spices.

Our soaps are made using the cold process method of soap making. The cold process method retains natural glycerin, a necessary humectant that draws moisture to the skin. Our soaps are hand cut and cured at least four weeks to provide a gentle, long lasting bar.

You will feel the difference in our handmade soaps. From rich, smooth lather to captivating fragrances, our distinctive soaps are truly a pleasure to use. Enjoy!